From Italy's finest ateliers, works of art for the art of work.

Harlen believes that women belong in all spaces and at all tables, without apology and without double-takes, and it is on a mission to move beyond "the first woman to . . . . " That conviction to move equity and equality forward parallels the brand's conviction that women deserve a perfect accessory for work. That what moves career and everyday essentials from home to work and beyond should be distinctive.  Striking.  Avant-garde.  That it should be exquisitely crafted, exude confidence, and express individuality.  That it should genuflect to both form and function. Because the envoy for your everything should be extraordinary.

Harlen's Modern Careerpieces align with these ideal.  The Collection is informed by the clean lines of minimalist architecture, the unexpected glamour of bold elements, and the signature shapes of modern art.  Merging aesthetic and pragmatic, it is designed around lives of high-powered, highly empowered women.  Laptops fit.  Keys tether.  Peripherals slide into place.  For privacy, security, and in deference to gravity, all pieces close.  And each is a palette for personal style.

The Collection is made in Italy.  Every aspect of every piece travels through the storied ateliers that dot the Italian landscape — mythical places where the art of craft has been honed and perfected for centuries.  Every piece is meticulously handcrafted by master artisans in a second-generation atelier that has created the world's finest leather goods for over 50 years.  And, through our philanthropy, every piece moves opportunity forward.

The brand was inspired by women who lead lives of significance with style.  It represents the international collaboration of artists, artisans, and designers in and around Los Angeles, New York, Florence, and Milan, and it embodies the vision of one working woman who wanted and could not find a Harlen. 

It is named after her grandparents, Harriet and Lenny, who were her first style icons and lifelong advocates for girls' education, empowerment, and equality.