Room to Read is a global organization that focuses on literacy and gender equality in education. For the past nine years, it has received Charity Navigator's four-star rating—the highest available rank—placing it in the top 1% of all non-profit organizations.

To share the transformative power of education and pay tribute to the countless girls who simply want a chance to learn,

when you own a Harlen, we support

one student

in Room to Read's Girls' Education Program

for one entire year.

Our contribution provides girls with the tools they need to succeed:  tuition and fees  |  mentoring and life skills education  |  books and uniforms  |  a bike, if needed, to get to school.

Widely considered to be the world's best investment, the impact of girls' education and empowerment is profound.  It can end illiteracy, improve health, stabilize societies, curb extremism, boost economies, combat child marriage, foster independence, and advance equality.  Its force reverberates across societies and throughout generations.  And it alters the trajectory of a child's life.  Together, we move opportunity forward.

You are all role models to the world. Because of you, young girls will say to themselves, ‘I have a voice. I have a brain. And I’m going to use them.’

Room to Read is the leading non-profit for literacy and girls' education. Along with many other prestigious awards, it has received Charity Navigator's four-star rating—the highest available rank—every year for the past decade, placing it in the top 1% of all non-profit organizations.  The Girls' Education Program, which is evidence-based and community-focused, operates in areas of Asia and Africa where opportunities for girls have been limited and the impact of education is breathtaking.  The Program started with just 15 girls in 2001.  Today, Room to Read's Girls' Education Program supports more than 32,400 girls across nine countries.